Not Your Mom’s Divorce: The Savvy Woman’s Guide

Not Your Mom's Divorce

I’ve been asked more times than I can count, what my inspiration was in writing Not Your Mom’s Divorce: The Savvy Woman’s Guide. After much thought, and a lot of effort to try to sound, well, “inspirational,” I settled on the unglamorous yet realistic truth that it was really based on the need for information in a sparsely populated genre. I started writing this book because when I was going through my own divorce, to say that the resources available were scarce is an understatement. Going through my own divorce gave me the insight to recognize something that was so desperately needed. And that is when the passion started, and this book took on a life of its own.

Not Your Mom’s Divorce offers an engaging, supportive and wisdom-filled read that highlights the positive effects divorce can, and often does, have on a woman’s mental wellness and physical health, while also openly acknowledging the difficult side of the process.  It provides empathy and validation to readers who are having to navigate the difficult, frustrating, heart-breaking and sometimes completely ridiculous moments that are part of the divorce process. Not Your Mom’s Divorce guides, and educates women through the divorce process and empowers them to move forward, well beyond the emotional recovery of the ending of a relationship. It’s a balance of education and vulnerability from a unique personal and professional perspective that is not only real, raw and relatable, but also positive and realistic, which is very unlike the much of what one might find in today’s bookstore.

Not Your Mom’s Divorce brings all things related to divorce, including identifying, addressing and navigating the intricacies of the process, to the surface.  It discusses everything from navigating how to talk about it with friends and family, what to say to coworkers, what you get to keep to yourself, in addition to the “dirty details” such as when it’s okay to call yourself single, ways in which you can remind yourself that you’re still a vibrant woman, and much more.

In sharing our stories with one another, we find a connection, a safe place to talk about the taboo of divorce. As humans we find comfort and humor in sharing our stories, and our shared experiences can make life’s journey not only less bumpy, but less lonely, and confusing as well. Because I work with women on a daily basis, I know women who are going through divorce are looking for answers and support, they seek it out within the four walls of our therapy rooms. My goal in writing this book is to provide them with a resource that wasn’t available to me during my own divorce process, but would have been so beneficial. My hope is that, in a way, Not Your Mom’s Divorce not only provides comfort and empowerment, but reminds you, the reader, that you are fiercely supported by all women out there and a female tribe is with you all the way. 

  Not Your Mom’s Divorce: The Savvy Woman’s Guide, is now available for pre-order and will be available wherever books are sold, on February 6, 2024.

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  Not Your Mom’s Divorce: The Savvy Woman’s Guide, is now available wherever books are sold.

Not Your Mom's Divorce